Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A new beginning!

I've deleted my old posts because they're so old now I didn't feel they were up to a standard I'd like! So call this a fresh beginning around 5 months after I abandoned this thing.
Sorry about that - the abandoning this blog for 5 months, I mean! I actually feel very guilty about that seeing as how there are so many looks up on lookbook now that I've been unable to talk about on here!
Shame, but nevertheless I've decided to fix it and start blogging again.
Largely, actually, because I've finished college for the year now so I'll have more free time rather than worrying about revision.

So here it is, a round up of my latest lookbook looks!
Jumper: New Look
Dress: Topshop
Bag: Primark
T-Bars: Peacocks

I was actually ridiculously surprised by the feedback this received! I was contacted by a French Fashion magazine asking if they could use it in a streetstyle moodboard!
I have such a love for collars at the moment, I do not own enough clothes with collars on them. I might invest in some more when I have the money.
I'm also in love with coral/salmon shades at the moment as you can tell from my nails. That's a shade called Peach Melba by Barry M and I am absolutely obsessed by Barry M nail polish. I swear it just doesn't chip. I've been trying to find a lipstick in a similar shade and failing, but realised I own a cream blusher in the right colour so I've been using that until I find the right lipstick!

Jumper - Borrowed from my Gran
Shirt - Topshop
Trousers - Topshop
Brogues - Primark

Ignore the socks! I have a lack of sensible socks to wear with things like this, it's something I really ought to buy more of.
As I said before, I have such a love of collars and coral at the moment and managed to find a way to combine both here! (Or Topshop found a way to combine it for me, but the sentiment remains.)

Breton top - River Island
Pink Jeans - A gift from my Gran (but I think they were primark)
Headscarf - Accessorize
Sunglasses - Primark (£2!)

I've been wanting a pair of pink jeans for so long, and then yesterday my gran bought me a pair as a gift after she heard I was planning on pulling out bleach and pink dye on a pair of blue jeans in my frustration at being unable to afford any at the moment! She really is quite lovely!
Turns out they're actually capris, but I'm so short they fit as full length jeans - although rolled up here because... well because I could, really. Because rolled up jeans and brogues are a good look in my opinion!


  1. i love the nail varnish you are wearing, and when you said ignore the socks i thought the were a good thing! :) x

  2. I love your hair! It looks so full and textured! How do you style it? Nice to see you back blogging, love your style! :-)

  3. @ Bobbie
    I think I'm lucky in that it's naturally thick if I'm honest! I just use a mousse while it's damp then let it dry naturally. No other styling than that! :)

  4. i wanna ask you: how do you update detail shoots in lookbook, where you are writing about look ?

  5. @gabrė
    You upload the images somewhere and put the html code in the image description. So like
    < img src=' [image url] '/>
    (without the spaces obviously, but it won't let me write it here without them!

  6. love all the outfits!
    the topshop dress is a must! love it!
    you have such gorgeous hair!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. Fantastic outfits, gosh I'm glad you're back! I loved your previous outfits though, they were definitely up to standard! :) grats about the french magazine who contacted you!

  8. J'adore ton look, tu es très mignonne ^^
    C'est super ton mur où tu as collé plein d'image ! C'est une bonne idée ;)


  9. So nice to have you back in the blogging world! Your blog was one of the first I discovered when I joined blogger. I love your style, you have some gorgeous clothes.

    Louise x

  10. I can't believe I've only just stumbled across your blog! I'm a definite new follower, your style isn't something I'd wear personally but I often wish I could. You look so chic!