Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I have a dress from H&M that I bought last year. The first time I ever wore it I managed to get a biro stain on it, and it still has not budged. Really quite disheartening

Dress - H&M
Shirt - Primark
Sunglasses - Primark

This happens to be the dress with the unfortunate stain.
I remember when I bought it I made a resolution that I would have to wear it to a beach one day, and that day still hasn't arisen - but one day it will! I swear.

An unfortunate thing has happened. I have had to return that Topshop dress I posted a few posts back. I had accidentally picked up the wrong size (such a rookie error!) and mistaken a normal size 6 for a petite size 6. This one small error meant the dress was entirely unwearable and so I had to do something about it.
The problem is I am so useless talking to people in shops and get so nervous about returning things that the conversation went a little like this:

“Um hi I bought this yesterday, or erm not yesterday the day before, no wait not the day before maybe um… recently, no it was the day before yesterday or whenever Sunday was. But yeah I bought this then and I picked up the wrong size and I wondered if I could… um… return… it.”

“Has it been worn?”

“No, no, um there are tags and everything well obviously I wore it once to see if it fitted but then it didn’t which is why I’m bringing it back because I mean I thought it would fit but it was er yeah. No I’ve not worn it.”

“Um ok… well did you want to exchange it?”

“No, no just a return because er… yeah.”and I just rambled on being nervous, shy and ridiculous.

I did manage to return it though. Spent half the money from its return on a Primark skirt I've had my eye on for a while, and the rest (all £7...) has been saved for an emergency. (Although I am not really sure what emergencies would only require £7. An emergency McDonalds trip perhaps.)

To finish this post off, I just wanted to share more of my wall.
It's one of my favourite background touches of my photos for here and lookbook, and mostly consists of NME pages with a few Vogue pages thrown in for good measure. I have a stack of things to add to it but I've run out of blue tack at the moment (perhaps this is when the emergency £7 could come in handy.)

Until next time! x


  1. Pretty dress, Great styling with the denim tie up :)

  2. I have the dress in black, i like it a lot :)
    cute outfit ;)

    xoxo lary

  3. i like your room.and the first outfit is pretty cool, too :)