Sunday, 26 June 2011


Such gorgeous weather today! It's been too chilly recently for my liking, so it's nice to actually have some sunny weather for once!

 Striped dress worn as a top: H&M
Skirt: New Look
Brogues: Primark
Scarf: Accessorize

This dress (/worn as a top here but it feels weird calling it a top) always reminds me of old fashioned English seaside holidays, and beach huts, piers and ice cream! Hasn't really been warm enough to wear it recently, which is a shame, because it hasn't had many outings yet.

Despite the practically tropical weather today, the boyfriend and I kept up our plan to go shopping today. I needed to peruse the Topshop sale and he needed to check a few charity shops. I can't usually afford to shop in Topshop unless there is a sale on - Primark is more my price range -  but luckily there is currently a sale and so I was able to shop and not just stare at items of clothing wistfully.
I actually managed to find some amazing bargains:

This skirt. Was £32, now £12! When I got home my mum said it reminded her of an old woman's sofa, and that just made me love it more. Personally I see it as more a carpet-bag in skirt form and therefore I love it.

I've had my eye on this dress for so many months, but have never had the money spare to justify buying it. In the sale I managed to buy it for £15!
I kept seeing it in a size 10 or a size 12 which was rather disheartening because both would be massively too large on me. However, after persistent searching I found a size 6! Day = Made. I love this dress far too much. It reminds me of 1930s tennis players and other lovely things.

Also in a sale, but not a Topshop sale, were these wonderful little shoes from H&M. Whilst waiting for my boyfriend to finish trying some shorts on, I took myself and my final £5 around H&M's sale to see if anything would fall into my price range, when a massive red "£3" caught my eye. Under the sign lay these little shoes which were, much to my amusement, all in my size! Being a ridiculously small person, I have ridiculously small and narrow feet. The problem is a size 3 always feels slightly too small and a size 4 always feels slightly too large, so I usually just settle on buying whichever is the least uncomfortable of the two for a specific shoe when footwear shopping. Bizarrely, all of these were a size "3.5". And when I say all, I mean around 15 of them. Oh, and one lone size 4 sitting by itself.

Next stop on the shopping trip was my favourite charity shop in Swindon. It's not great for clothes, but it is wonderful for bizarre nick-nacks. It is brilliant for searching for old, rubbish vinyls in so here is a quick selection of the weird and wonderful vinyl sleeves found today:

Underneath the boxes of vinyls was a crate full of old cameras. The boyfriend bought me an old disposable camera with film that expired in 2003 in it! I'm tempted to go back for the polaroid cameras in there (they all cost under £3!).

Final purchase of the day was by the boyfriend.

Casette tapes, for some bizarre reason! Turns out he actually has the means to play them and apparently fully intends to.
Excuse my poorly painted nails in the second picture there. That coat of peach melba has stayed on so long that it's growing out before it chips!

Hopefully will have pictures of me wearing at least one of the new sale purchases tomorrow. Until then, have a nice rest-of-Sunday!


  1. Love all you got in the topshop sale! I came out of it empty handed not counting jewelry, far too busy haha.
    I have the exact same problem with shoes! Literally the same thing. I've settled on just getting size 4's as 3 feel too tight, then just putting an insole (or 2!) in.


  2. I love your outfit. I have a breton top but it's long sleeved which hasn't been working with the weather lately. I'm also very jealous of the beach boys casette tape.
    Courtney Ann

  3. After seeing this post I wanted that skirt so bad. It's lovely. I went into my local Topshop today and on the sale section there it was the only one there in my size and down to £12. Chuffed to bits with it.
    Love the dress too. The shade of blue is lovely.